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Outdoor Spaces

North Terrace

The North Terrace is home to a large variety of plants that take advantage of each season and support a wide range of wildlife — Monarchs, pollinators and bird support plants, as well as medicinal and edible plants native to Southwestern Pennsylvania. In addition to the native plant boxes, Levy Restaurants maintain garden boxes that contain vegetables and herbs used for catering.

South Terrace

The South Terrace, installed in 2011, is a green roof, the perfect combination of nature and urban ambiance for any outdoor event. And like all of the Convention Center’s sustainable features, the function of our living roof is more than aesthetic.

Riverfront Plaza

The Riverfront Plaza is an integral part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Visitors can relax and enjoy the fresh air and the view, or go for a stroll to Point State Park or the city market district called “The Strip”. Leading to the Riverfront Plaza from the city, a Water Feature underneath the DLCC provides an inviting and unforgettable visitor connection to the Allegheny River.